IWD - How the future really is F E M A L E

Another year, another day to commemorate how far the women of our generation have come (yay!)

International Women’s Day falls on 8th March, and whilst we all put it in the diary as a day to congratulate ourselves, we thought this was a perfect opportunity to sneak a peak at the female achievements and women changing the landscape for our generation TODAY.

1) #MeToo Campaign

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have heard about the #MeToo movement that landslid across Hollywood and all things entertainment last year. Encounters of sexual harassment and assault in the workplace came to light, after being front manned by Tarana Burke using the hashtag ‘#MeToo’ - This hashtag then went on to be used 4.7 MILLION times, and helped hundreds of women speak about their experiences in the workplace. This helped raise awareness for sexual advancements in the workplace, and has fueled fires for several other female empowerment movements. YAAAS to being 1 step closer to gender equality in the workplace.



Arianna is the woman of the moment - After coming through from some seriously tragic stuff in her work and personal life (the Manchester attack, and the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller to name a couple) she is now slaying. Her latest 3 singles became the UK Top 3 (she was the first female to ever do this - and the first person since The Beatles !) and her new tunes are nothing but BOPS. Also, ‘Thank you, Next’ is still our quote of the year.



Women in Saudi Arabia were allowed to attend football matches and drive for the first time last year. British women were recently named the biggest drinkers in the world. Sorry, but - Pass that Pornstar martini?




A far cry from the Gaga of the ‘monster’ in a Meat Dress days we remember, last week this Italian honey became the first woman, and PERSON in history to win an Oscar, a Grammy, a BAFTA and a Golden Globe in one year. You slay Gaga



Our favorite royal, Meghan Markle is famously an outspoken Feminist and Activist. This International Women’s Day, she is holding a panel along side other Female Bosses to discuss issues affecting Women today, including education, gender equality and obstacles effecting female empowerment. This Duchess is making moves for Women everywhere - and we <3 her for it.


As Christmas fever is setting in all around, the fashion world is always looking ahead - and that is no different for us at Me-Me. Come this January, we are evolving, we have a shed load of new shapes and original styles to drop, and we want you, our customers to be part of this with us.

In aid of this, we are sharing ‘Sneak Peaks’ and ‘Coming Soon’ posts on our Instagram, so all of our followers can be part of the new journey we are taking in the New Year.

Check out our sneak peak video below for a taste of what to expect, and let us know your thoughts on Social media !

A new Me-Me is coming, and we intend to make a splash - you can expect our new year drops to be commanding, unapologetic and Alpha in every sense of the word - We are embracing everything that encompasses us as a strong, female brand.

In line with this, we are looking for new bloggers and brand ambassadors to help represent our image and spread brand awareness. All good things start small, and with the help of our customers and influencers, we hope that the ethos of Me-Me will thrown around like tinsel at Christmas, so that this time next year our team of Alpha’s will be ever growing.

To apply to become one of our brand ambassadors or blog for us, contact us with your name, age and social media handles at: hello@shopme-me.com

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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So Christmas is finally upon us - the tree is up, the lights are glistening and everyone is in an excited fluster for the office Xmas party.

In preparation for all glittery season, we have compiled a list of our favorite 5 things about the Christmas season. Grab a mulled wine and read on !



Christmas is here, and the office Xmas party is not far behind. Prepare yourself to don some sequins, show your office pals how fleek you can look when its NOT a Monday morning, and watch Barry from accounts hit the dance floor with hips Shakira would be proud (or cringe?) at. We say absolutely do get tequilas at bar with your boss, and absolutely don’t do anything that would end in you doing the office walk of shame on Monday morning.



It cold, it’s wet (goodbye dreams of a white Christmas) and your mum’s got cheeseboards lying all over the place. Christmas is our FAVORITE time of year to eat, drink and be Me-Me - and with all of these snacks everywhere, it would be rude not to stretch our stomachs in preparation for Christmas dinner. Feel free to eat 13 pigs in blankets in a row without judgement, the gym can wait til January.



Anyone who doesn’t claim to love Christmas films is kidding themselves - we cannot WAIT to put on our comfy pants, grab all the carbs and stick on the Grinch.. or Elf… Or the Muppet’s Christmas Carol. This step is highly recommended for hangover days (day after the work Xmas do, we’re looking at you) - bonus points if you bring your duvet into the equation.

It’s Christmas, so do take this opportunity to get new comfy pants for the equation (See - Sunday Joggers). Keeping you cute, even on the couch.



Here at the Me-Me HQ, we love Boxing Day, but think it gets a lot of stick. Sure, it’s no Christmas day, but many of us have over a whole WEEK off work for Christmas, so this is the best part. Take this opportunity to wake up at 10am EVERY DAY (YAY!), play with all your shiny new toys (or clothes?), raid the boxing day sales like the crazed shopping animal you are, and eat left-over Christmas lunch sandwiches to your hearts content. Boxing day and onwards - we love you.



Christmas is obviously the best time of year, but here at Me-Me we are embracing it past the shiny tinsel, and using it as a time to let positive energy take-over, and put forward the best version of ourselves for the new year.

Whether 2018 has been an absolute belter, or the dumps for our fellow females, the beginning of a new year is the perfect occasion to re-invent yourself, change something your not happy about and become the very best version of you. Whether you do this by hitting the gym, getting the chop in the hairdressers or saying ‘bye boy’ to the salty dog who’s been sliding into your DM’s , YOU DO YOU ALPHA’S, and make sure you love yourself unconditionally whilst doing it!


Cargo pants have slowly been filtering into our wardrobes since 2017 - and we forecast that they are going to be a major smash with the Utilitarian trend in 2019. Originally inspired by the British Armed Forces uniform from the 1930’s, these pants can be tricky to style, so we have compiled this list of the top 5 vibes to channel when donning your cargo’s.

Read on to avoid Car-NO moments…

1 - Full Military Chick

The most obvious way to style cargo’s is to go back to their roots - high waisted cargo pants, teamed with chunky boots and a one-shoulder crop will have you looking ready for any street style battlefield. Extra points if you can bag your cargo’s in camo.

2 - Street Warrior

For queens who rule the streets, team your cargo pants with your favorite bomber jacket - Add your most extra hoops and peep toe heels for a look that would make Destiny’s child proud. Bum bags are welcome here.

street warrior.gif

3 - Off Duty Girl Band

For those days when you want all the look for none of the effort, channel off-duty girl band vibes. Team your favorite cuffed cargo’s with an over sized tee, or strappy vest and matching trainers.

Note: Don’t forget your shades to hide from the paparazzi.

4- Strictly Business

Take a leaf of out of Vicky and Gigi’s book, and wear your cargo’s to the office. Team with stilettos and a slim fit blazer to let the minions know you mean business.

5 - 90’s Throwback

Take the trend all the way and embrace your inner 90’s child with throwback vibes. Wear your cargo’s cuffed or wide leg, and team with your tightest crop. Extra points for cat eye glasses, neon accessories and chokers.

90's TB.gif

Now you’ve got all the styling tips - get your cargo’s here :


(Note: Street queen vibes not included - you’ll have to bring that bit yourself)

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WCW Everyday - The Women Inspiring Us

So in an ode to our empowerment ethos, this week we are taking a look at our WCW’s - the women that inspire us every day.

Whether it be because of their style, their sass, or the shear strength radiating out of them, the women who touch upon the lives of us in the Me-Me HQ are at the heart of our inspiration for everything we do - and we hope upon reading this, you will feel inspired too!

1 - The Knowles Sisters


Solange and Beyonce, the ultimate sister powerhouse in music and fashion. These women are an obvious choice for our WCW list - they’re fashionable, fierce feminists - Just last week, Beyonce bought out Topshop’s shares in her sought-after ‘Ivy Park’ line, following the Phillip Green scandal that has recently come to light, and Salonge is a fore-front activist for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement. These ladies rule everything!


2 - Kathleen Zellner


Now, for those of our followers who aren’t QUITE up to date with all the latest Netflix happenings, Kathleen Zellner is the lawyer currently representing Steven Avery on the second season of Making A Murderer. She is quick witted, extremely intelligent and an absolute force to be reckoned with, and watching her on #MakingAMurderer2 gave us girl power vibes all day - If we have half the strength of this woman at the age of 61, we’re happy.

3- Laverne Cox


Laverne Cox is a woman of many firsts for our generation - the first openly Transgender woman to be nominated for a Prime time Emmy, as well as the first Transgender woman to appear on the front cover of Cosmo, and have her own own waxwork model made in madame Tussaud’s, Fair to say, we are in awe of this woman - she is fierce, fabulous and has paved the way for so many people in the LGBT community to realize they too, can be and achieve anything they want to. A queen!


4 - The Kardashian Klan


Love them or hate them, the Kardashian family essentially rule all aspects of popular culture today. They are trend-setting, reality TV moguls, and chances are some of the clothes in your wardrobe were inspired by them. These days they are setting their sights higher than being just reality TV family, and have been involved in raising awareness for social causes, including Gun Control, Homelessness and the Hurricane Harvey victims. Good for you gals!

5 - Dua Lipa


Due Lipa’s style is absolute fire, so no wonder she is a style inspiration for us at the Me-Me HQ. This lady has got layering on point, can make real-life motorcycle pants look as natural as skinny jeans and has got killer eyebrows to boot. She also an ambassador for Unicef - Dua, we are obsessed!

6 - Cardi B


No need to introduce this lady - Cardi B is everywhere you look at the moment; She is topping the charts, front row at fashion shows. and throwing shoes at our other favorite female rappers (queue - Nicki Minaj), but that’s not why we love her. Cardi B (Born Belcalis Almanzar) grew up in the Bronx, was part of a gang from age 16, and began stripping at the age of 19 to provide for her family. Fast forward to 2018, and she is a music pioneer, and a confident activist for feminism and women of color. Cardi encompasses the power of women everywhere, and is evidence that we can all be whatever we want to be.

‘They think feminism is great and only a woman that can speak properly, that has a degree, who is a boss, a businessperson… they think only Michelle Obama can be a feminist. But being a feminist is real simple; it’s that a woman can do things the same as a man ‘


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